New South Wales

Bianca and Saskia went to Luna Park 

Bianca and her friend Saskia had an amazing day out at the much-loved Sydney amusement park with support worker Bri and our very own Steve Dresler. Bianca lives with Cerebral Palsy and Saskia with Autism but on this day, they were just two friends having FUN! The girls were each joined by their sisters Chloe and Mia, and everyone had a blast!

“We wanted Bianca and Saskia to bring their siblings to enjoy this Experience too! Disability affects the entire family and often it’s the siblings of a child or person with a disability who misses out on days like this.

“It’s not hard to put a smile on the face of a child or a family member.” –Steve Dresler (CEO of What Ability Foundation)


Under the sea with Noah

Noah (9) is from the beautiful city of Melbourne. Growing up with Autism and an intellectual disability this enthusiastic, chatterbox personality has always had a love for the ocean and sea creatures.

What Ability Foundation unlocked a day at the aquarium for Noah and his support worker Nicole. 

“It’s been difficult the past two years with lockdowns in Melbourne to enjoy such experiences, but we’re hoping to access more services and get out and about in the community more in the coming months.

“Many parents don’t realise there are organisations and resources out there like What Ability Foundation. We are so grateful to Steve and the crew. Our kids deserve it – they deserve experiences liike trips to the aquarium or riding on a jet ski!” –Georgina (Noah’s mum)


Veronica and her mum Kylee went go-karting

Veronica (14) is from Hobart and has Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and Autism. There is absolutely nothing that can slow Veronica down! She loves to get  join in the fun at her local run club as well as dance classes, cooking and hanging out with her big brothers. 

What Ability Foundation unlocked a go-karting experience for Veronica and her whole family.

It was Vee’s first time go-karting, and she loved it. While I was driving I would look across and she had the biggest smile on her face … It was great to be able to enjoy the experience together as a  whole family. We don’t get to do that often!

“We like community activities where Veronica can just be herself, where she’s known as just Veronica rather than as a child with a disability.” –Kylee  (Vee’s mum)

South Australia

Brian’s soaring high

Brian’s from a small town called Kapunda in the Barossa Valley. He’s always been sporty. He loves the gym and before his accident, he rode motor cross. Brain is fully independent, drives a modified vehicle and recently sold his coffee van business. He’s always looking for new challenges and experiences. He’s never been in a helicopter… until now!

“It was a smooth flight and it felt good to be above the clouds today. It was good to step out of my comfort zone, try something new and be a part of this experience.

“A massive thanks to Steve and the team at What Ability Foundation. They went above and beyond and I am very grateful for the opportunity.”  -Brian Moldenhauer 

Australian Capital Territory

Will and his mum hit a strike bowling 

Will (6) lives with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) – a childhood form of Motor Neurone Disease. Will plays powerchair footy, likes computer games and rocks at ten pin! This little guy is determined to live his life to the fullest. 

What Ability Foundation unlocked bowling and some arcade FUN for Will and his mum Naomi.

“Community access to me is a basic human right at the end of the day. William should and always be able to access areas of his community that he lives in and is involved in.

“William loves tenpin bowling and the good thing is that it’s accessible for him so we are able to enjoy this activity as a family and he is able to go out and have fun and be included and bring a smile to his face – that’s what matters.” –Naomi  (mum to Will)


Northern Territory

Snapping up opportunities with Tahnee

Tahnee (35) is a world record breaking swimmer! Living in Darwin she spends a lot of her time in the water, training and assisting her mum Donna who runs a special needs swim school. When on dry land, Tahnee loves to sing, dance and play with the family’s dog. We took Tahnee and her parents for a day out at Crocodylus Park where she held a real life baby croc! 

“It takes a community to raise a child with special needs…Families generally struggle due to high care responsibilities, and this results in a lack of social opportunities. 

“Being given the opportunity for experiences through the Foundation’s ticketing is so very welcome. It provides families like ours quality time to enjoy an outing that otherwise would just not happen.” –Donna (Tahnee’s mum)


Samantha (aka ‘Sam’) and mum Mary went to Dreamworld 

Samantha (33) lives on the Gold Coast with her mum Mary. Sam loves animals, bowling and watching Bob the Builder. She may have Cerebral Palsy, but according to her mum, experiences like a day at Dreamworld help Sam make memories and live her best life. 

What Ability Foundation unlocked tickets to Dreamworld for Mary, Samantha and two  of her support workers.

“The memories and the photographs of experiences and days like today mean so much to Sam. I put them on the TV for her to look back at. We sometimes get days and months of benefit from the memories we capture. 

“It’s all about bringing joy and putting a smile on her face … and that for me is priceless.” –Mary (Sam’s mum)




Western Australia

Siblings Lyn and Shane go head to head in putt putt

Siblings Lyn (37) and Shane (34) live in Perth with home care host parents Peter and Jill. Lyn plays soccer, works part-time and likes to hang out with her boyfriend. Shane likes to play cricket, loves the footy and enjoys group outings. The pair are semi-independent, but require support to get out and about in the community. 

What Ability Foundation unlocked a mini golf experience for the whole family and sent them to Goanna Golf!

Today was a great opportunity to get together as a family unit and have some fun. We don’t get to do that very often because of the business of life… 

“Just to be able to come here and not have to worry about the cost (it’s paid for) and relax and enjoy each other’s company is terrific.”  –Jill (home care host paret to Lyn and Shane)