What Ability Foundation is a not-for-profit working towards better community access for people living with a disability or diminished capacity and the families who love and care for them.

Founder Steve Dresler saw the benefits of community experiences first hand when working as a support worker. He worked closely with families and realised how crucial regular community activities aligned with kids’ happiness; and that some of the best days were spent swimming at the local pool. He also saw the emotional burden families faced when unable to afford a ticket for a day out or when they didn’t receive the funding to support experiences like overnight respite.

This is why What Ability Foundation began. The additional costs for families who have a child with a disability are significant. Often parents are not able to work due to unpaid carer demand and pressure on household budgets means they cannot afford to access events or activities for themselves or loved ones. Something as simple as a day at the beach, and a movie ticket or as costly as overnight respite is out of reach for many.

Parents tell us that despite the challenges their child or family member may have or their unique needs, access to the community opens their world.

What Ability Foundation offers a range of opportunities by partnering with companies that provide ticketed sport, adventures, accomodation, dining and entertainment experiences across the country. We break down barriers and unlock experiences to give families equality of access to the communities in which they live – the ability to move, jump, play, swim and experience life to the full.