Sponsor Greg

Tell us about the challenge:

It’s a 7-day 250km foot race that takes place in the incredible Atacama Desert of Chile. The event is self-supported which means I have to carry all my clothes, sleeping bag and mandatory equipment in a pack! The race organisers only provide us with water (10-13 litres a day) and a tent for the nights. It will be cold at night (0 degrees) and high 20s during the day.

What’s your day job?

I am the co-owner of Forecast, a data solutions consultancy based in Sydney with offices around the globe. I lead the team here in Australia.

Why are you fundraising for this cause?

What Ability Foundation was one of the charities nominated at this year’s 10 x10 event which I attended.  I heard Steve speak and naturally I wanted to help. I felt it was something I could really connect to.

Knowing there are people out there supporting me when I am in Chile running will motivate me (they’ve put money behind me and I can’t let them down) and knowing that it’s all going to a good cause is the ‘feel good’ part of this journey.

Have you done anything like this before?

I’ve been a runner in the past but nothing on this level. Some of the terrain won’t be suitable for running so there will be some trekking and walking involved too. 

It’s very much a personal challenge but one I can’t wait to do!

What are you looking forward to  most? 

Crossing the finish line is going to feel pretty good but also getting to the start line is a challenge. 

I’m looking forward to being outdoors in nature and having the time to take it all in. There will be plenty of time to think out there and perhaps plan my next challenge – I’m told these events can be addictive! 

I’m also running the last 14kms together with my wife. She will be joining me for the last leg and we will be able to celebrate finishing the challenge together!

What are you looking forward to least?

The long days, blisters and rubbing. The longest day I will run from dawn to dusk covering a distance of 75kms.  

I’m aiming for $10,000 which is $40 per km. I’ll be thinking of everyone who donates as I put each km behind me!

The ultra marathon event website is and includes a race tracker during the event to follow his journey.

Sponsor Greg