Recipient: Imogen Golder

Disability: Autism Level 3

Support Team: Mum Sandy, Dad and big brother Cooper

Age: 13 years old 

Experience: Theme Park

Location: Dreamworld, Gold Coast Qld


Family Feedback: “Going to a theme park with Imogen took weeks of preparation, advocating with airlines and venues and prepping visual support tools.⁠ You can plan for everything but of course it’s still completely overwhelming for her senses.

At times I have found myself questioning whether it’s even worth it… then I see the moments of wonder and joy in her face and I know we have to keep trying because seeing the world is important to Imogen.

So we will keep practising these travel skills in small spurts despite the challenges, exhaustion, staring eyes and lack of understanding … because between these things there’s also been kindness, compassion and a willingness to learn about inclusive practices.

Those people have been rays of light on this trip… Thank you once again to What Ability Foundation and to the staff at Dream World.

One day our little travel-obsessed girl will be able to take some of these dream trips. Keep dreaming Immy!”





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