Recipient: Eight-year-old Hannah and five-year-old Noah

Disability: Hannah has Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and ODD and Noah has global speech delay

Support Team: Mum Jade

Experience: Waterpark 

Location: Raging Waters,  Prospect NSW

Family Feedback:  “It was an overcast day and the park was quiet but mum Jade said it was the perfect conditions for my  kids: ⁠We very rarely go out and do big ticket experiences because we never know how long we’ll last. Sometimes it’s half a day, the whole day or 15 minutes due to a complete overload. ⁠

“So we just don’t bother. Long days out, too many people, too much noise and sensory overload are all contributing factors in why we struggle. ⁠
“But today we were gifted tickets to Raging Waters Sydney What Ability Foundation and by goodness did the kids have a blast (and so did I).”
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