Recipient: Six-year-old Grace O’Flaherty

Disability: Rett syndrome

Support Team: Mum Roxanne, Dad and little brother and sister

Experience: Zoo experience

Location: Australian Reptile Park, Central Coast NSW

Access: Wheelchair

Family Feedback:  “December 22… Sitting in a hospital room tears rolling as they say: ‘you’re here for Christmas’, and just hours later I got a call from What Ability Foundation to say they are sending us some tickets to the Australian Reptile Park  for a family fun day.

“I cried as I thanked the lovely lady on the phone saying this helped lift our spirits and gave a little light at the end of the tunnel – that we may get a day to enjoy and forget all we’ve endured this festive season.
“It rained but we got to enjoy most of the day and see all the animals before the downpour. It was an experience we couldn’t really afford at an unaffordable time of year so we are so very grateful for What Ability Foundation and their generosity.”
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